Register as a  'Somatic Movement Dance Therapist/Specialist'  or 'Somatic Movement Dance Specialist'

If you are a trained dancer and have integrated a somatic movement modality into your practice, these registrations may serve to honour your skills and expertise, further delineate and better represent your professional practice in the UK & Éire. Registration requires sharing your creative and therapeutic approaches, your previous trainings, proof of qualifications and two references. Please see 'Defining Scope of Creative and Therapeutic Practice' for regulations and guidelines.

1. Somatic Movement Dance Therapist

If you are a dancer and have completed a somatic movement professional training programme, which had a therapeutic strand, you can register as a 'Somatic Movement Dance Therapist'. Registration costs £200 annually, or £18 monthly. 

We do not accept Yoga trainings, massage trainings, or 5 rhythms as prerequisites to our registrations. Registration requires a training in dance (to degree level) and/or the completion of a two-year training course in somatic movement/dance. If you haven't got a degree in dance, but have completed a somatic movement training where expressive, improvisational and imaginative dance was at the heart of practice you can apply in this category.  

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2. Somatic Movement Dance Specialist

 If you are working extensively within the field of dance and somatics in Higher Education or independently, but have no professional training in somatic movement therapy,  you can register with us as a 'Somatic Movement Dance Specialist'. The cost of registration is £150 annually, or £13 monthly. 

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3. PhD completion route: Somatic Movement Dance Therapist

If you have a PhD in Dance, movement & Somatics that was underpinned by a practice-based methodology and therefore you are actively leading therapeutic somatic movement/dance, you can register as a  'Somatic Movement Dance Therapist', We do not accept PhD's in the field of performance or theoretical PhD's as a perquisite to registration. The PhD must have covered researching and working with people in the community, i.e, the PhD must have a strong practice-based element, and you must be an active practitioner working with non-dancers, as well as dancers.  This registration requires proof of your PhD award and two references about your current work. If you do not quite fit this category, but have extensive embodied experience in somatically informed dance practices, and would like to do extra training, we provide top-up modules at MOVINGSOMA. These modules will focus on working on-one-one, experiential anatomy and fascial release. 
​All registrations require proof of your training and two references about your work. Annual registration in this category costs £200, while monthly registration costs £18

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4. Organisation membership

If you or your department are interested in the field as it continues to grow across the United Kingdom and Éire and would like to be involved in conferences, you can register as an individual or as an organisation.  The cost of an annual membership is £100, an monthly membership is £9.

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5. Student training membership

If you are a student and would like to be involved with the association, an annual membership is £60, a monthly membership is £5.

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6. Universal Credit Subsidised membership

Universal Credit claimants can register for a subsidised membership for as long as they continue to claim the benefit. You must inform us immediately if you are no longer claiming. An annual membership is £60, a monthly membership is £5.

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Acknowledging the skills of somatically informed dancers

Acknowledging the role dancers have played in the development of somatic movement therapy across the United Kingdom is an important step forward for our professional community. Professional dancers are often trained in one or more somatic movement modality. Practitioners integrate dance and somatic awareness in unique ways, often developing specific research trajectories. Somatic movement as a field has made a significant contribution to dance studies, and equally dancers have made an enormous contribution to the professional field of somatic movement therapy as it has grown across the UK. While each somatically orientated dance practitioner is unique, we are united as a community of professionals in the following types approaches and principles. Full ethical and practice guidelines are available from the association upon registration.