Most somatic movement dance therapists and specialists are back at work offering their services after the advent of COVID-19. Even though restrictions are lifted, we recommend the following guidelines. 

If you are working freelance, we recommend the following protective measures in the current climate. If you are offering your services within a University setting or organisation, you must follow their guidelines. 




For freelance specialists and therapists, we recommend the following: 

  • Always ask clients and participants in your groups to sign a COVID-19 Waiver form, which is available from our organisation upon registration. This form should be signed by you (staff) and the client. 
  • If working in groups, keep the groups small, and make sure there is good ventilation and the floors and equipment are cleaned regularly. 
  • Always ask your staff and participants to complete a lateral flow test before attending sessions, and if working together, over a number of days, request the completion of a lateral flow each day. If a lateral flow test is positive, the group should break-up and all obtain PCR tests. 
  • If using touch, still wear masks and use hand sanitizer.
  • If using touch while working in groups, request that participants stay with the same partner for the duration of the session.
  • When working one-on-one, still wear a mask and use hand sanitizer 
  • Ask all participants to take extra care before attending sessions and while participating in group work
  • Always share touch consent forms and receive signed ​consent from clients and participants before offering your services 

Keep up to date and find more information at www.gov.uk/coronavirus