Karin Rugman: Artistic Director of Somatic Touch

​Karin Rugman is an experienced somatic movement educator, originally trained in Shin Somatics ®, with additional skills in Alexander Technique, Ideokinesis and Feldenkrais Method. She lectures on the two-year training programme 'Bio-Somatic Dance Movement Therapy Programmes' at MOVINGSOMA. 
Karin has a background in contemporary dance and is an experienced performer, choreographer and teacher who has worked extensively in education and the local community for over 30 years. Karin is currently a part-time Senior Lecturer in Dance and Somatic Studies at Bath Spa University, where she has established an advanced program of somatic studies in the Dance Department. Her courses introduce students to the foundations of somatic practice, developing an understanding of kinaesthetic awareness in dance technique and performance, whilst investigating a deeper sense of self and exploring choreographic possibilities through somatic research. This work embeds body knowledge and self-regulation as a fundamental part of the students practice, as well as encouraging a more confident and empowered body through self-knowing.

Karin is also a qualified holistic massage therapist practicing in her local community. Her work centres around the use of touch as a medium for health and well-being.
Over the years as a freelance practitioner, Karin has initiated and created numerous performance projects within the local community, schools, colleges and theatre groups, as well as devising and performing her own dance works. Her community work quietly continues in the background with more emphasis on facilitating somatic technique as a tool for health. Recent work includes a collaboration with Untold Dance Theatre called  the 'Confidence Project', a series of movement workshops that set out to support and build community and confidence within groups of women.
Karin has a BA(Hons) degree in Performing Arts, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, a Diploma in Shin Somatics® and a Diploma in Holistic Massage. She is a registered somatic movement educator/therapist with ISMETA, a registered practitioner in Holistic Massage with MTI, a fellow of the HE Academy and a member of ESN (Eastwest Somatic Network). She is also a published writer in the field of somatic investigation.

Contact: movingpotential@gmail.com