Dr Anna Dako, RSME/T

PhD Counselling in Education (Practice-based Research)
MA Dance and Somatic Wellbeing 
MA Theatre Studies 

Anna is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist with nearly 20 years of experience working with dance, movement and creative arts. Anna’s experience stretches from dance research, dramaturgy and on-screen productions. She collaborates internationally and has lived and worked in Poland, the Netherlands, and now in Scotland, UK. 

Anna is the founder and director of Dunami - Movement, Arts, Wellbeing, a platform for ecologically mindful growth, psycho-somatic health and artistic development. 

As a writer, she specialises in practice-based research, ecopsychology and environmental philosophy perspectives. In her doctoral research in art-based therapeutic education she has been developing movement-based approaches toward more embodied ways for ‘being well’ with the natural environment guided by processes of somatic felt thinking. As a grounding methodology of reflexive and expressive self-inquiry, felt thinking opens up a whole new realm of philosophical contemplation on what it means to be human and on experiential movement as the basic ontology of relating to the living world, and it is now offered as an online, two-year practical course in SME (Somatic Movement Education) by Dunami. 

Following her interests in building bridges between movement arts practice and environmental psychologies of personal development, inspired by embodied reflection upon life experience in all-inclusive ways, Anna is now developing her movement productions with In The Open - Outdoor Arts Theatre, and has delivered many workshops throughout UK including University of Oxford, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Edge Hill. She is also a winner of Images of Research Competition 2019 at the Un. of Aberdeen. 

In her private practice Anna specializes in supporting and working through versatile psycho-somatic imbalances. She also loves guiding experiential walks in Aberdeenshire, and working with children, both in therapy and creative education. 

For more information, visit: www.dunami-somatics.com 

Research Film: On Felt Thinking in Movement

Online Articles and Papers

Dance Film Productions


Recent Publications:

Dances with Sheep: On RePairing Human-Nature Condition in Felt Thinking and Moving towards Wellbeing (forthcoming book, Intellect Books)

On How to Feel Think in Movement – A Short Introduction: Contemplating Ecological Belonging in Somatic Practice (forthcoming article in Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices 13.1&2, 2021)

Night(s) and Day(s) – A Behind the Scenes Story of Night(s) & Day(s) Short Dance Film Production, Inspired by Somatic Adventures into the Experience of Inter-Connectedness Between ‘Knowing’ and ‘Not Knowing’ (available online: www.aberdeen.academia.edu/AnnaDako)

‘I Am Movement’ – An essay on Movement, Connection and Support Based on Personal Practice (forthcoming)

Dynamic Composing - On Choreographic Processes of Conceptualization as a Way to Artistic Knowing (available online: www.aberdeen.academia.edu/AnnaDako)