Acting Director of The Association for Somatic Moving Dancing Therapies 

Dr. Amanda Williamson runs 'The Centre for Bio-Somatic Dance Movement Therapy' MOVINGSOMA and she trains students to work professionally in the field. She works with a wide range of people experiencing back pain, joint pain, grief, migraines, addiction, stress, anxiety and depression, as well as people with no specific conditions, but feeling isolated, low and disconnected. She is an registered ‘Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist’ and one of the historical figures leading the profession, see historical map here, Biography Books & Research Articles - www.movingsoma.co.uk

Amanda trained with Daniel Leven on both his programmes, in Massachusetts, and thoroughly found inspiration.  She has a PhD in Somatic Movement Dance Therapy.  
Amanda publishes extensively through practice-as-research, traversing areas such as experiential anatomy and physiology, the spiritual elements in the healing process, and the relationship between self-regulation and co-regulation. She is a Visiting Honorary Professor at ‘The Centre for Dance Research (C-dare)’ and currently supervises PhD students at the University of Gloucestershire, all from The United States. She directs the two-year professional training programme 'Bio-Somatic Dance Movement Therapy'' at MOVINGSOMA.

She is the principal editor of “Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities: Contemporary Sacred Narratives” Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities: Contemporary Sacred Narratives eBook : Williamson, Amanda, Batson, Glenna, Whatley, Sarah: Amazon.co.uk: Books. She was principal editor of the peer-review research journal, “Dance, Movement and Spiritualities". We are excited and delighted Juliet Chambers-Coe is is now principle editor, and Amanda is an associate editor.  Her recent book is: “Spiritual Herstories: Call of the Soul in Dance Research” Spiritual Herstories: Call of the Soul in Dance Research eBook : Williamson, Amanda, Sellers-Young, Barbara: Amazon.co.uk: Books

Practice-based research written up during COVID-19. Had a little more time!

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